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We've been using Social Engage to grow our local prospects list, we were able to create smart posts bringing in leads for our business, we're currently averaging 20 leads daily and those leads are worth $100 each.

Dr. Clifton Mays, Health Expert & Chiropractic Doctor
We're changing the way you market in 2015

Like it or not... video has become

the FASTEST and MOST PROFITABLE way of selling anything online!


The engagement and results it brings to the table is unrivaled by nothing...


So, are you ready to step up for the big game?

The Biggest Name Marketers Are Using Videos to Bring In

Millions of Dollars of Sales All The Time

Andy Jenkins
Ezra Firestone
Mark Thompson
James Wedmore
Melanie Duncan

All The Smartest Marketers Are Using Facebook to

Drive Millions of Visitors Steadily!

Mari Smith
Dave Kerpen
Mike Buontempo
Amy Porterfield
Brian Moran

Using Social Engage have driven down our cost per click drastically making it so affordable to run many campaigns to test different markets.

Here is a campaign I ran with one product and I couldn't believe how easy this worked. As you can see the cost per click was cheap.

Mike Appelt, Amazon & Ecommerce Expert

Are you beginning to see the big picture right here?

We saw it too...

Take your high converting video and share it all over Facebook (Newsfeed, Fan pages and Groups, even run ads to it if you wish) and achieve instant success.

Here is the problem...

Once you share your video on Facebook, you'll lose all marketing optimizations on the video and engaging your audience or converting them into sales and leads becomes almost impossible.

So, we designed a solution...

We built the world's most advanced app using cutting edge technology that allows you to plug those hyper-engaging videos right inside Facebook's newsfeed with all the stellar-conversion-technology fully intact and then soon MINUTES all with the PUSH of a FEW BUTTONS!

Listen my friend because...

We're About to Change the Way You Get Leads for your business and Promote Products

Absolutely Nothing Comes Close To What We've Built Here, These Are
Functional Opt-in Forms, Buy Buttons, Discounts, Timed Offer and Video Landing Pages...
Right Inside the Facebook's Newsfeed!

You can use it to build list of fresh new subscribers for your online business
(easily build high converting video landing pages and collect profitable leads inside the newsfeed)

Sell your own products and promote affiliate
products using highly engaging videos inside the newsfeed

(this is perfect for internet marketers who have their own products or promoting affiliate/ecommerce products on Amazon, Clickbank, Markethealth, JVZoo etc.)

Give away DISCOUNTS, Coupon Codes and host time limited offers
(if you own a local business like restaurant, spa, hotel, salon… you can easily engage your audience and attract new customers for your business fast by combining the the marketing strategy of Coupon Codes + Time Limited Offers)

All Built with Viewer Interactive CTA Technology

Once you unleash this Social Engage technology on your campaigns, your audience interaction on your campaigns will dramatically triple instantly!

You Can Have All These Professionally and Automatically Setup... in Just MINUTES!

×NO Coding
×NO 3rd Party Sites
×NO iFrames
×NO Facebook Tabs
×NO External Landing Pages
×NO Complicated Setup
×NO Monthly Fees
All you need is a Facebook account and this software!
And it works inside newsfeed, fan page posts, groups etc.

Here's the thing...

You're a great marketer or at least, you're doing pretty well and you make amazing videos or maybe the product you're about to promote already has a premade sales video...

And you know a thing or two about building successful fanpages, highly engaged groups, going viral, getting cheap likes and targeted clicks from Facebook...
But you're yet to turn in any serious profit
Right now, you're probably sitting on a fanpage or facebook group with thousands of audience but it's not making you any money because monetizing and getting leads from them is HARDER than finding a needle in a haystack.

The reason is because before today, if you wanted to collect leads to your build list, sell your products and host time-limited (scarcity based) discoutnt offers on Facebook, you had two miserable options:

1. Send them to an external landing page outside Facebook hoping it converts, or
2. Send them to an ugly Facebook tab on your fanpage and we all know how that ends

You've probably tried all these possible and noticed that they just don't work...

With these methods, it's extremely hard to engage your audience and make them them take actions you want (opt-in to your list, buy your products).

And you may have even thought it to yourself... "if only I could get people to opt-in to my list and buy the products I'm promoting right from their newsfeed or right inside those viral fanpage posts I make... then I could grow my business really fast."

Now YOU CAN build and deploy powerful video landing pages inside the Newsfeed and directly reach your audience

Think about this...

The next time your post goes viral — your auto responder account will be exploding as you lock in THOUSANDS of fresh new leads by the hours directly from the newsfeed.

And the next time you run a newsfeed ad to your new product — you instantly sell the product to your customers right inside their newsfeed with all the scarcity timer and call to action hooks.

We're Using This Right Now to Promote JVZoo Products as Affiliates...

Here's a Recent Affiliate Promo We Just Wrapped up for Super Affiliate Machine

We did 2 types of campaign on it — "lead collection and direct sales"

A week to the launch, we launched the first campaign to collect leads we will warm up and presell...

On launch day, we launched the "direct sales" campaign with with Social Engage scarcity timer

When the product went live, our sales flew off the chart
our Social Engage campaigns were pumping in sales after sales by the seconds

Day 1 alone we brought in over $9,000 in sales and $5,000 in pure net profits

At the end of the campaign we secured 1,300 fresh new leads and profited over $15,000 in affiliate commissions

You can easily capture sales leads by integrating your auto-responder or route buyers to your landing page for further offers and sign-ups. With so many plug-ins on the market it is refreshing to use one so simple but producing powerful results.

Steve Harrison, Online Marketer

What You're Looking at Right Now Is the

World's Most Powerful Social Sales Machine

That's Revolutionizing the Way You Market in 2015 Using Top-of-the-Line Features

Build High Converting Campaigns in minutes

It takes less than 2 minutes to create your campaign inside Social Engage, everything is already automated for you, just choose the kind of campaign you want, setup a few stuff and done.

Full Option Branded Marketing

Get your brand right in front of your audience — add your own company logo and product image to get your videos recognized anywhere and everywhere while commanding mega authority status in your niche.

Player Customization

Pick your own player skin color, comes with preset colors and full color palette so choice is UNLIMITED. You can also choose how your player control displays on the video or totally hide it.

LIVE Editing with Full Campaign Customization

Complete live interface allows you to see your changes instantly as you make them. Customize backgrounds, button colors, font colors and styles, call to action display time etc... Everything about your campaign is in your hands

Seamlessly Integrates with All Autoresponders
Social Engage has direct integration with most of the "top-of-the-line" email marketing service providers such as Aweber, GetResponse, Mailchimp, ConstactContact etc. But beyond that, it also integrates with the rest of world's email marketing service providers including self-hosted email marketing apps using our HTML 5 Connect technology — just paste your HTML opt-in form and our app styles and make it ready in seconds.

Smart "Remember and Continue" Technology
Perhaps this is one of the sexiest features of Social Engage that you'll come to love and cherish the more you use the app. Never lose another of your campaign for any reason whatsoever, maybe your browser crashed while creating the campaign or you shut down your PC, this technology will store your campaign data automatically and allow you to continue exactly where you left off last time.

Quick Stats and Post Engagement Tracking

Know right off the bat if your campaign is a winner or not though our Quick Stats and Post Engagement tracking technology — no more guess work in your campaigns. Ready to run only profitable marketing campaigns? Social Engage is built to deliver just that.

High Click-Thru Rate Optimization Enabled

No worries about being stuck with the default preview that comes with your video, easily switch out the video thumbnail (placeholder) images to a more attention gobbling image that will increase your audience engagement and dramatically boost your campaigns CTR.

Local Leads Store with Export Option

Automatically store all your collected leads right inside the app and export to your computer or email marketing service provider whenever you want.

Deep Analytics with Location Insights

Deeply study all of your campaigns, understand your audience behaviors to know what they respond to more to help you tailor better-targeted campaigns on your next run. Also, you'll automatically know where your audience are coming from through the location insights technology.

Works for All Languages and Countries

Marketing to different countries in different languages? Social Engage has absolutely no regional restrictions or language barriers... the world is yours to dominate.

Inbuilt Knowledgebase

Our app comes preloaded with self-serve knowledge base to make your user experience flawless.

So I'll ask you again...

How Important Is Making A Sale To You? Are you ready to
double, or even TRIPLE your opt-ins and conversions?

Are you ready to stop struggling and step up your marketing in 2015?

Social Engage is your answer... PLUS MORE!

You CANNOT Get This Easy, Powerful
Technology Anywhere Else

And during this grand opening special, you'll get access to Social Engage for just a few bucks less than a quarter of what others suggested we price it for.

For a limited time, you can get your hands on this automatic video + social sales machine for a one time price at 80% OFF.

This is a LOW one time investment — no monthly fees!

When you think about how long you've wanted to build your list and sell products directly from Newsfeed... I know you realize just how huge of deal and limited this offer is.

In fact we're so confident you're going to love Social Engage that we're going to guarantee your results for you.

NOTHING could be more fair than that!

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase within 30 days of buying Social Engage, we will refund 100% of your money, no questions asked. Just contact us and every penny will be gladly refunded to you within the first 30-Days.

Social Engage Yours Right Now For

80% OFF

Once the timer below hits zero, we will increase the price...

Social Engage is such a cool tool it caught my attention, and I had to have it. It made it really easy to build a list from facebook traffic, and was much more affordable than those monthly services out there. It enabled me to see the big picture and opportunity that lies inside of facebook.

I would highly recommend this software to any business owner or Internet marketer who want more leads. Very effective tool, which is easy to use.

James Mucci, ClearVision Funding Executive

I'm not an internet marketer, really. I'm more of an Amazon guy. I wanted Social Engage for my local garage sale.

What I did was start a fan page and posted Social Engage posts. Each one had a 20sec or so video that featured an item in my garage sale. Then the button led them to my web page that had ALL of my garage sale items on them along with a map and a phone number.

It worked GREAT! I didn't track anything, because I don't really know how, but on the day of the garage sale we had so many people there that the police were called because the traffic to the local school was completely blocked.

Also, about every third person or so asked me how to do this for themselves.

I LOVE this plugin.

Michael Drummond, Local Business Owner

I used Social Engage software on a Facebook campaign for my blog's Facebook page.

The results were astonishing. I reached the best conversion rate ever. Numbers: 11.586% CTR!!!

Thanks again for this software. I recommend it to all of you.

Emil Indricău, CEO & Founder, TAPPDOT

By now, you're already thinking that Social Engage is an amazing software that offers really incredible value.

Because even if you only use this to build high converting video landing pages and put them directly into the Newsfeed...

Or if only you use it to put functional lead capture forms inside your viral fanpage posts...

That feature alone is worth over 10x the tiny investment we're charging for your LIFETIME chartered access today.

Remember, this is legal and
Facebook TOS compliant...

Social Engage is build to fully integrate with Facebook and stay in
compliance to their TOS at all times.

What you're getting here is the coolest Facebook marketing solution yet...
So, get in now the ground floor of this revolutionary social marketing technology.

Lock In Your LIFETIME Chartered Access to Social Engage Today

80% OFF

Once the timer below hits zero, we will increase the price...

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